Right time for first Gynecological Visit

Being woman is wonderful, however, we must know when to go for the first gynecological visit. The right time of visit may save you from undue stress. Read details in my blog.


Dr Uma Mishra, MD, Obs & Gynae. NOIDA

2/1/20222 মিনিট পড়ুন

First Gynaecological Visit: When & Why?

If you are a girl and have not visited any Gynaecologist or Gynecologist yet, at first let me tell , who is a Gynaecologist or Obstetrician cum Gynaecologist also known as Gyne doctors, OB-GYN specialists or by many other names.

Gynaecologist is a doctor specialized in taking care of health concerns of women. Although, she can take care of general health issues, she is mostly consulted for issues related to women reproductive system, pre-pregnancy , pregnancy and post pregnancy care. They are the authentic source of information about women health issues and so apart from going to her for a treatment, girls or women meet Gynaecologist for getting awareness about reproductive system health, predictive or preventive health care.

As per American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG), first gynecologic visit of a girl should be between the ages of 13 years and 15 years. This is mostly because reproductive system of girls undergoes major developments or changes during this period. This is also because the average age for starting menstruation in girls is 12 to 13 years. In addition, Teenage girls should know that they should consult a gynaecologist for seeking any help or getting authentic knowledge about reproductive system or health issues.

Girls may get nervous during their first consultation with a gynaecologist and so visiting with parents specially mothers can ease out first time visiting teens. Even if the first visit is just a talk between you and your gynaecologist, this talk is important. Doctor should explain or teens should ask what can be expected in the Gynaecological visits and even questions on how to maintain good health.

  1. The questions related to menstrual period are frequent, however, there may be questions related to sexual activities. The confidentiality with your Gynaecologist is what you must learn and practice.

  2. General Physical examination and external genital examinations are mostly performed. General Health checks including recording height, weight, blood pressure are performed. Under External Genital Examination, the doctor observed or examines the vulva and if required may tell you different parts of your external genital system.

  3. Any issue or concern based examination, such as those based on bleeding or pain may also be performed. If you Gynaecologist feels necessary, they may also ask to go for tests of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), some the tests may require a urine sample or blood sample. Vaccinations may be recommended on case-to-case basis. However, some common age based vaccinations are recommended to almost all girls. Pap tests are mostly not performed during first visit. Pelvic examinations may or may not be included.

  4. Vaccinations or immunizations for girls of age group 11–18 years on a routine basis include Tetanus vaccine, Human papillomavirus vaccine, Meningococcal vaccine and Influenza vaccine.

  5. Emotional ups and down are also one of the frequently felt issue which you may discuss during your first visit with Gynaecologist.

You may feel free to consult me on your first visit to Gynecologist.